Jacob's Ladder by William Blake
Jacob’s Ladder by William Blake

We all know how frustrating it is to see how suddenly the perfect image of reality that we have created in our own minds unfolds in front of us just like a nightmare, instead of like a blissful dream. How is it possible that everything we thought was going to happen, everything we planned, didn’t work out? Well, there is a simple answer to this question, and also, a not so easy solution.

It is expectation and desire that lead the way to inner torment and victimism. The only solution for it is non-attachment; non-attachment even to the present moment, eventually. Accepting each situation as it is in the moment, and not wanting it to be any other way, is the secret to fulfilling our soul’s hunger for eternity. It takes practice and patience to achieve mindfulness, but in the end, it is the only way to supress our ego’s thrill for expectation.

When we open the door to imagining an outcome that isn’t there yet, we let our expectation of the future moment take the reins of our lives, and thus, we loose complete control of our emotions, relying completely on an unidentified future image that doesn’t even exist. If that personal desire isn’t completely fulfilled as thought, well, we all know what happens next: we enter the turmoil of grief and lost hope, thinking it was something other than ourselves who is guilty, and we start blaming everything and everyone around us. But, as always, everything is inside us, the victim and the executioner. Therefore, pain and happiness are also part of us. We just have to learn the art of balancing the light and the darkness; none of which can exist without the other.

We must never confuse ourselves into finding perfection, because as human being, our gift is to experiment all the opposites and thrive for equilibrium. Peace is found in balance. Completeness is found in balance. Stillness amidst the chaotic waters of life will lead us to the infinity of oneness.

There is no goal, no end, in the cycle of eternity. Living is the way, creating and co-creating with the Laws of Nature is something to be thankful about. We can cry and laugh; feel extreme love, and extreme hate; we can feel our hearts break into millions of pieces only to be put back together to love unconditionally. It is all part of being human; spiritual beings in a human journey able to feel, to touch the infinite possibilities that exist in every second.

We do not need to expect anything, we just have to learn how to surrender to what is, always with a thank you in our hearts.