To adapt, or not to adapt

Dynamic Sunflower by Ricardo Chavez-Mendez
Dynamic Sunflower by Ricardo Chavez-Mendez

I’ve always been quite proud of myself because I always thought I was adaptable; adaptable to life changes, different lifestyles, different countries and cultures, different circumstances…

Only quite recently I have begun to doubt if adaptation is really a good quality or not. We all know that adaptability is, in essence, a key for survival. And it’s exactly for this reason that my thoughts started to ponder other options. Survival? I don’t want to “survive”, I want to live. I want to experience fully the whole range of possibilities that life can place in my path. If I am always striving for adaptation to the scene that surrounds me, how is it possible that I follow MY own path? MY own dharma? MY own heart?

Life can’t be only about “fitting in”, can it? It is true that we always have to respect other people’s choices about how to live their lives, but I don’t think we should adapt to their lifestyle if it doesn’t connect with us, in the most profound meaning of the word. If something, someone or somewhere doesn’t resonate with the true desires of our beings, we should never adapt to them just because we think we can’t survive otherwise. That is just an imaginary fear that can tear our dreams apart; that can drain our confidence in the Universe and our self-esteem and self-acceptance.

We are enough the way we are, we are love and light in our most profound essence. We don’t need to adapt to other people’s paths or choices, only to the natural environment and our Mother Earth, who is generous enough to keep on providing resources for the human kind even though we make her bleed and suffer.

Life is not about adapting, it’s about getting out there and being vulnerable, being humble and having faith that we are strong enough as to resist any obstacles placed in our way. We can only grow, and learn and break the wheel of Karma and Samsara by experiencing different aspects of our personalities, by living in the dark until we are able to see the light, by breaking our hearts into a million pieces so that the light can penetrate us and heal us. It’s a wonderful thing to have the opportunity of living a human experience, where we can at the same time savour earthly pleasures and connect with our divinity.

Life is not something to be afraid of. It takes courage to scream with our whole beings that we are here, that we are ready to accept whatever comes. But once we learn the laws of life and nature, and the eternal dance of the Universe, then, only then, there is no turning back; there is no adaptation, there is only flow of miraculous existence; there is no judgement of others or ourselves. In the end we will truly grasp the meaning of life, by living. That’s how it’s meant to be. That’s why we are here.

Once the picture is clear, the path Home is open for us to follow. Once we let our fear aside and trust our inner guide and intuition, everything else will fall into place. The puzzle of existence will then be completed, and the real and eternal lasting joy and happiness that everyone longs for will flourish in our hearts and shine through us. We will again feel complete in ourselves, as we have always been in reality.