The Renowned Orders of the Night by Anselm Kiefer
The Renowned Orders of the Night by Anselm Kiefer.

“The underworld has gone into the unconscious: even become the unconscious. Depth psychology is where today we find the initiatory mysteries, the long journey of psychic learning, ancestor worship, the encounters with demons and shadows, and the sufferings of hell.” James Hillman.

Darkness. I have fallen into a well of darkness. Dense. Obscure. Black.

I can’t see anything, but there is a constant pounding, a constant drum-like force resounding in the atmosphere.

It is the sound of my blood rushing from my heart through my arteries and veins. Haven’t heard it so clearly before. Never listened to it in complete awareness. Now it’s such a deafening noise I can’t understand how I’ve ignored it my whole life.

I take a few deep breaths and I realize that the darkness is inside myself, and so is the light.

This awareness lights up the darkness around me, letting a little flame do its magic.

I can see clearly what the darkness is all about; and how necessary it has always been. Only in that moment of nothingness can all be possible.

Darkness is just the other side of the coin of existence, the unrevealed mystery and secret of light. It needs to spread its wings and cover the winding paths of our mortal half, so that the divine may arise and be reborn.

It will shed the layers of the past, it will destroy the sound of ego, and it will pierce us deep in our souls only to show us how bright and luminous we truly are.

Darkness, how much I’ve always feared your power! And now, you are my savior.