✨”My life is my message.”✨

Mahatma Gandhi.


Working towards living a life that completely fills my soul’s desires. 

With time I have come to realize that if my goals are centered only on the physical/material plane of existence, nothing really works out. Doors were always closing, and paths were always so difficult! 

I saw it as a sign to stop, breathe, and rearrange priorities AND the way of expressing them, to myself in my thoughts, and to the outside world. 

What was the base of all my physical desires? 

It was and is to be happy so that I am able to serve others with all my heart, so that everyone can be happy and free of suffering too. 

That has always been in the background of all my life’s decisions and projects. But, I used to express it outwards differently. 

I always think about it as making wishes granted by a magical genie. You know you have the wish, but you must express it correctly as you know the genie can and will trick you!