Choosing Love 

How can my heart be so divided? It is breaking in tiny pieces for all that is happening in the world… crying and fighting to find a valid reason for things to be the way they are… and at the same time knowing that not-knowing is always going to be my answer. My heart is also full of love and gratitude for all that I am capable of experiencing in this lifetime. Today I witnessed how two people united their lives in marriage and I celebrated their love surrounded by the people that love them, and even more, surrounded by some of the most important people in my life who are right here, right now by my side. Today I am extremely grateful and happy, but I am also extremely sad and overwhelmed… I guess this gets me closer to the realisation that nothing is this or that, good or bad, happy or sad… Nothing is anything really unless attached to something. Because things just are. We just are. Life just is. And as I lay here in my bed thinking (which I shouldn’t really) I can only feel. And from feeling I peel the layers off to just being… My heart aches, and at the same time, my soul chooses LOVE above anything else. How could it choose anything else? How could I choose anything else but love, if love is the only thing there is?