🔮 There is nothing more powerful than the Truth. 

🔮 There is no one more powerful than the one who knows himself; who knows BEING himself is the only reason for being at all. 

🔮 I am tired of being part of the problem. I am tired of somehow collaborating to the collective thought that you need to leave everything and go to faraway lands and travel and be a wanderlust and get lost and quit your job and find love… because only then you will be happy… 

🔮 No. That is not the truth. At least, is that YOUR Truth? 

🔮 If you cannot find happiness where you are right here, right now, you won’t find it by chasing it around. 

🔮 Yes, maybe some people’s lives have led them to exotic destinations and to different jobs and lifestyles. That doesn’t mean that being here or there has anything to do with happiness. 

🔮 Once the Truth is revealed to yourself, there is no turning back. 

🔮 Your purpose in this life, and in any other lives is to BE yourself. 

🔮 Your gift, in this life and in all other lives, is to be able to EXPERIENCE everything. 

🔮 These are words from a person that has been chasing happiness around the world for many years, only to come to the conclusion that I never really had to go anywhere or do anything. 

🔮 Happiness is here and now. Happiness is ready for you to accept it. 

🔮 Love is here and now. Love is everywhere always. 

🔮 I am here and now, I am that I am for eternity.