Paradoxes of life…. When you stop looking, you find. When you stop rationalising too much, you get the answers you were thinking about. When you stop worrying, everything falls into place. When you are thinking of the past or the future, you are not really living anything. When you are afraid of situations, you attract them to you as lessons….. So, why is it difficult to understand that we can be extroverted and introverted at the same time? Or that we can guide our lives through our feelings AND our thoughts? Or that all religions are the same, just different ways of exploring and explaining same concepts? Or that one day I wake up wanting to be who I am right now, and the next day wanting to change completely? Why? Well, because I think the essence of the Universe is in its paradoxes. In my opinion, there cannot be any type of existence if there is no imbalance somewhere; in vibration, frequency or light. Creation stems from chaos, I never want to forget that. Only through CHANGE and transformation and ENDLESS possibilities (maybe all at the same time) can life exist. If we ARE human and divine, why is it so difficult for us to accept that we can be whatever, whenever, without fear of it being judged by others?