🌬I am beginning to recognise some repeating patterns in myself and in my life. 🌬The more I meditate the clearer they are. 🌬That doesn’t mean I don’t continue to fall again and again in the same traps. 🌬It becomes really funny actually, to feel divided in two, the witness and the unfolding of everything. 🌬I see myself falling again and again, I see it, I recognise it, I accept it… but I still fall… 🌬That’s where my practice has taken me for now; to observe and let myself do whatever I do. 🌬With my background in Art History, I have this tendency of wanting to know everything, all the details, the symbols, the meaning… the past… 🌬I am using that knowledge on myself. 🌬Observing the past from the present. 🌬Changing past and future from the present. 🌬As always, on a journey to the self… •••