Just Be; Just Be

I am realising more and more how things just ARE. • I have been on this yogic journey to the self for 10 years or more, and I truly believe the practice is only opening up to me now. • I had a moment yesterday where I suddenly ‘understood’ something I was trying not to see for whatever reason. • Change happens, that we all know. • Change IS the only constant AND base of existence. • But change cannot be controlled. • Change cannot be trained to give you what you want. • We cannot change the world, or change people, or change situations. • We can only control our own minds, our own reactions, perspectives, beliefs and ways of seeing. • Change will always find a way to help us change our ways of being. • We don’t need to control it, guide it, or fear it. • This is the simplest and most complicated thing in the world for me: we just have to BE. • If we truly learn and practice just being, change will work its magic. • LIFE will always guide us. • We co-create reality with this. • By acceptance and practice of what is, we open the door to Eternity. •••