Life & Death


‘The National’ plays in the background. Works being done around the house. The wind fiercely blowing through the palm trees. The waves breaking on the shore. Everything smells like storm. My soul is already full of thunder. Wildly drawing my destiny through the rivers of my body. Blood pumps, and I scratch and scratch the hundreds of bites that are dispersed around my vessel, my temple. The more I scratch, the more I learn the meaning of impermanence; as pleasure becomes pain, and pain, pleasure again. Aaah… this is life. The uncomfort just reminds me of what I think is ‘normal’… Nothing is normal! Nothing CAN be normal, as NOTHING lasts forever. But then, this eternal ever-changing, ever-evolving soul of ours, is FOREVER. How? How can it be forever if nothing is? Because it changes, it shifts and adapts. Its essence IS change. Its essence is LIFE. Its true essence is DEATH. Death is the true creator. The only way for change to come through and birth new life is by killing what no longer serves us. It must die. It must. If not, WE die. We would never learn. We would never grow. What’s Life then without Death? Nothing. Nothing can BE. Kissing Death as our lover. Loving Death as the bringer of new Life. For Life is dancing an eternal dance with Death, never to be separated. This is the lesson. This is what I must learn.