Life & Dreams 

Life is never perfect, even in the most perfect surroundings or amidst the most perfect circumstances. Maybe I must say, life is perfectly imperfect, orchestrated to give us what we need to learn in each stage, instead of what we want. Dreams do come true, but not without effort from our part. I might live in an idylic island paradise, but I also have my everyday problems of trying to run a business here. And I stress, I get angry, I cry, and sometimes I ask myself if this wasn’t the greatest mistake of my life. Being here, far away from the people I love, for what? But then I just sit down and listen within, and I know deep inside things take time, and I know I am here for a reason; at least to learn where I want to be or not be in the future. Life is full of surprises. I’ve decided to let go and surrender. I will try to make this work, but if it doesn’t, I don’t only have one dream!