Yoga As A Path To Acceptance 

I am tired of reading messages about Yoga or Meditation being a path to being positive. Positivity is not a goal. Happiness just is. Happiness doesn’t mean positivity forever 100% of the time. Being happy means accepting when we are positive, when we are negative, when we are sad, when we are angry, when we are fearful, when we are frustrated, etc. Peace of mind doesn’t mean lying to everyone, especially to yourself, and saying “yes, I’m ok, everything is always good”. No. not everything feels always ‘good’ and no, it doesn’t have to, for you to be in peace. Peace of mind and happiness can only come from the acceptance of the darkness as part of the same coin as light is. The acceptance of this polarity is what sets us free. So if you wish to hear a postive message all the time to make you feel better about yourself or your life, I am not the person really to teach you. When I teach yoga or meditation I make it clear that you are enough as you are in that moment. Nothing else. I won’t tell you to smile or even to move on your mat if you only feel like staying in child’s pose and crying your heart out. I will set a space for you to feel free to be yourself, to journey through yourself, to learn from yourself. Yoga is a path of self discovery, not a path to positivity. There cannot be one thing without its contrary.