Wrote this one year ago… Still valid. 


“Every moment of your life, once you understand it’s purpose, is your vehicle for awakening. This moment is your vehicle for awakening. If you’re uncomfortable, allow it. If you’re fascinated, be fascinated, allow it. Give it space.” Ram Dass. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

We learn from what we feel, not from what we ‘think we know’. our physical body feels, our emotional body learns, our subtle body connects. It’s all in perfect timing, in perfect rhythm. All interwined by space and silence. Infinite, deep, eternal void. The ‘I’ in me who witnesses life doesn’t need anything else but space, where all possibilities coexist. I, on the contrary, always feel the need to fill the space. I allow myself to feel this, I allow myself to know this to be the truth, and I just accept it and connect the dots. It becomes really funny to start catching oneself in those webs and games of the Ego. Each moment is our teacher, and anything can happen in that moment. I try to never forget this. Space and darkness and shadows are the seeds of creation, light, rebirth. All possibilities.