Flowing with thoughts

Thoughts…. What we think is true for us. No matter what others think, we know our truth… The problem comes when there is an imbalance expressing and living and being our truth. When we don’t align with it we feel lost in other people’s truths. Isn’t that scarier than to become who we are even if we think we could fail? Fail at being ourselves? I don’t even know if that is possible, but I do know that what we believe to be true, is true for us… Revisiting beliefs is scary. Not having beliefs at all and just flowing in the moment is even scarier. But I will always prefer to try it than to live in someone else’s dream. That’s just what I think now. What I will think and believe tomorrow I don’t know. For once, I’m ok with that, with not knowing. Something has shifted and the void and darkness of emptiness has become freeing in a sense. Swimming in an ocean of possibilities feels more comfortable now.