Life and choices

Life doesn’t have to be how others say it should. Life is how you make it. Take what you are, what you’ve got, and make the best of it; the best for YOU. Not everyone is the same, so why must everyone live according to certain rules? There are already so so many rules in society, don’t let your life be one of them if you do not wish. Get married if you want, or don’t. It isn’t necessary to follow rituals and rules you don’t truly believe in just because it is more common around you. Have a baby, or don’t. Don’t be afraid of losing out on something. What you choose from your own heart can never be wrong. Start a career at 50; live anywhere and nowhere; be fearless or live and learn from your fear living in a small safe place; travel the world or stay in your bed and travel through your imagination, books, myths and stories. Just do whatever you want. It really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks; anyway, we can never ever keep everyone forever happy because it isn’t our job, first of all, it is a personal work in progress, self studying method of inner knowledge and development. And secondly, happiness is a choice. Everything is a choice. Are you going to choose for yourself or for others? 

This also reminds me to never judge others paths and choices. I feel happy when I see people making choices from their hearts, even if I don’t agree with them or they affect me. But the fact that that person is choosing for his or herself is much more gratifying than me being “right”. Awareness and observation brings so much mental freedom, thank you practice!