Meditate. Or, don’t meditate. Smile. Or, don’t. Eat healthy, whatever that might mean. Or don’t. Be here now, or fly away to the past or to the future. Be happy, or don’t. I truly believe that for balance to exist externally, it must be achieved internally. What we think, what we say, what we do, what we believe, must be aligned and somehow must be balanced. Whatever that connection may be, be true to it. Nothing else. Don’t listen to anything or anyone if it doesn’t align with you;  You in the greatest and most profound  sense. I am a teacher, that is my job, my life calling and my purpose, but I have a little problem with the way this is viewed sometimes nowadays.. . I understand it in a way where teaching is the greatest service I can personally give to the world, by sharing what I experience and learn in a way that shows you that you don’t need me, you only need you…. I will not impose my beliefs onto others, only expose them for others to choose if it works for them. I hope I can communicate my message this way, and that is why I practice Yoga & Meditation. To truly know I am just a vehicle, nothing else. And I am content in that space.