Quantum Mechanics 

“A change of meaning is necessary to change this world politically, economically and socially. But that change must begin with the individual; it must change for him… If meaning is a key part of reality, then, once society, the individual and relationships are seen to mean something different a fundamental change has taken place.” David Bohm, father of quantum mechanics.

This just popped up like a memory I shared on FB 4 years ago. My dad is a mathematician and a physicist (theoretical, quantum and nuclear) so I pretty much grew up for the first 9 years of my life hearing his ideas… and thinking they were crazy and that science was stupid and difficult and not for me. Bed time stories about astrophysics? No, thanks. So I ran away as much as I could from them, ended up leaving to Spain with my mom and sisters when they separated, and went into uni to study art, history, religion, philosophy, anthropology… thinking that the answers about life that I seek would be better explained to myself in stories and myths and especially symbols. And I wasn’t completely wrong, but I was closed minded.

Throwback a few years after starting my degree and I found an article about quantum mechanics, and I was instantly hooked. Bohm, Bohr, Einstein, Shrodinger, Heisenberg…. Maybe the timing was correct then, and I felt regret for not picking my dad’s brain for many lost years, and living far away from him, I felt stupid. I realised what he always told me was that philosophy really was the base of science; the need and desire to explain where we came from, where are we going. Why. 

Now I call him much more about this. I send him questions, he sends me books to read, and I am happy I can now have something more to add to my journey of research. Because that’s what I truly am; a researcher, a journeyer, and that is my path. Thanks dad for having your brain and letting me see a bit into it.