They don’t understand 

I have been thinking a lot lately about the way I give myself automatic answers to avoid saying or doing certain things. One of these messages I constantly repeat to myself is “no, he/she/they won’t understand”. I realise I think this a lot and it stops me from being me and expressing whatever I feel like.
Not only that. The fact that I stopped and gave myself permission to question my own habit has opened up another door… What don’t they understand?
And it hit me… It’s not that what I want to say or do is difficult to understand, it is in fact quite simple most of the times: the relationship between what we think, feel and do and it’s relationship to our own bodies and our lives. It isn’t difficult to get, to understand, to grasp these concepts. What is difficult really is to believe.
Putting it in other words; what is difficult is to be willing to LISTEN first, EXPERIENCE or TRY what is being said and then have an OPINION about it. Not many are willing to put in the work. Most will just answer back with their “opinion” which will be based on nothing more than their conditioned pattern of behaviour and limiting beliefs which they never question.
So I just got tired and started telling myself “they won’t understand”. Now that I have seen this pattern in me, I don’t know what I will do yet, but I am still tired, so I guess I’ll continue to explain things or talk to people who actually want to listen, and leave the rest to try and do whatever they want without judgement.
This path of self-study is truly eternal…