Yesterday was a rough day. Things happened that weren’t planned.

Things out of our control throw us sometimes into a confused state. Change always happens even if we are unconscious about it.

Yesterday something different happened too; my reaction to the changes unfolding in front of me wasn’t one of total dispair and lack of confidence.

I admit that in a split second I had doubts if what was happening was real or a dream (as I work a lot with lucid/conscious dreaming this happens sometimes, but yesterday it was accompanied by a mild panic moment of really not knowing).

Through it all happening and unfolding before me, I was scared, but there was this new feeling, new lightness being born from the depths of my being.

Trust. I trusted. Like I’ve never trusted before.

In a moment of dispair I looked up for a second while waiting for answers, and there it was, a beautiful rose. One of the many places I feel Her presence. A reminder my loved ones are always cared for and held. No matter what, I trust in a guidance that is so much greater than myself.

All is good, we are all good, everyone is good thankfully, and my heart is grateful for it all. The fear, the losing control, the trust that was birthed. Thank you Life.