Forgive and let go

I am forgiving myself.

I am.

For all the mistakes I thought I made, because I am here because of them; because I have learned what I don’t want anymore.

I forgive myself for not knowing; for hurting others, even if it wasn’t my intention.

I forgive myself for being how I was, because it was necessary for me to continue becoming who I am.

I forgive others, I forgive them all. I forgive every single hurt my heart has known. I forgive every betrayal, every lie, every painful experience done to me, with or without intention.

Forgiveness sets me free from being tied to the pain I thought these memories caused, but they don’t anymore. I see a blank page. A clear mind. And even clearer heart that knows what not to want. An emptying of my soul by spilling the overflowing water that needs to run free.

I forgive and let go.


I wrote this without thinking too much, it’s what I have been feeling lately with the energies that surround me and I sense this shifting away from who I thought I was for so long.

I just wanted to say here, that I am of the opinion that not everyone has to forgive everything or anything. Only now in my life I feel light enough to let go of certain pains that used to clench my heart, jaw and fists, but I really think there is nothing wrong when someone doesn’t feel like forgiving. The time will or will not come for it and it’s all ok. It’s truly a personal path this life, isn’t it?