Dancing words

“Notes like droplets,
move my body, still my mind;
light my soul on fire.
From the ashes of my forgotten Self,
I will rise again as One.
I spiral up and down, turning and turning;
eyes closed, heart wide broken;
ephemeral desires, immortal silence.
The language spoken in movement;
the dancer is the dance, is the dancing;
Light as guide, and Death as master”.
In the darkest moments I thought I lost you, down below… but soon enough I realised it was you sustaining me all along.

You, part of me, who I thought forgotten, were only waiting for me to see you. And I do at last. I see you. I hear you. I dance you. I love you.

You, my dark sister, my other half. From our integration comes my freedom to become the real, true fragment of mySelf, instead of an unconscious whole.

I am ready to be completely Me. From this surrender my inner voice was freed. Once I let myself be, words turn to spells, to magic, alchemy, and start guiding me back to the realisation I never left my heart.

Thank you Life for bringing me back to me, so I can hear again the words you whisper through my soul.