The unknown known of nature

I walk around the garden and I feel life around me blooming. I have a special connection to nature that is different to my other over-intellectualised passions.

It’s in my own essence to want to know everything, an eternal seeker, of truth and beauty above all.

But nature… my curiosity and attraction for it is fueled from a place below, from an unknown known that speaks the voice of instinct and intuition. The witch’s voice deep within me, the potion medicine maker in my heart.

I walk around the garden and I feel a whisper in the back of my neck, I turn around and I can instantly see between the weeds, or hidden away, a new flower, a new fruit, a bee as messenger of the Goddess speaking to me in their own language… I feel where I need to plant what, I feel what new species are growing without touching a book, I just suddenly look at a plant or flower and hear them in me saying “more water please” or “sing to us today”.

It has never happened to me before with anything else… and I am letting myself get swept away with this gift because it brings me actual joy and happiness to experiment in this way.

A part of me will always be questioning everything, reality itself for that matter, but when I feel in my bones the voices of the unknown known I always listen, and books, practice, people that really know about nature, always end up confirming these voices… They are the soul of nature that speaks to all of us, if we just learn to be quiet enough to listen. Thank you Mama Gaia, I love you.