A drop of change…

Drops of water hanging from our Jasmine

There’s a drop of change hanging from the centre of my heart… a drop that no longer belongs to the abyss I plunged myself in, but to the breath I just came back up to take.

I feel the release, I feel the shift, I feel at last my body’s whispers with no need for screams.

Trusting all is moving me towards life, I surrender to it’s waters, to it’s depths, and also to it’s surface.

A drop becomes the ocean when, like now, I can feel my Soul as part of it.

I can at last Be, now that I know myself as the drop, the water, the ocean, and the movement itself.


I have always been very intuitive and thought of it as a gift mostly, as a curse sometimes. There are many things we all know without words existing to explain them… and here is where my shift is coming through…

I don’t need to know anymore why I know what I know.

I am in peace in myself, in peace in my place, in my time, as part of it all.

At last, at last, at last… I am Home.

Thank you life for your darkness that showed me who I Am. Thank you life for your light that reminds me why.