Liminal spaces, liminal moments

Me in the garden feeling the sun in my face…

There are no words that could possibly explain the rush of mixed emotions that are arising in me lately. It’s as if I could cry and laugh in the same exact moment. I am grounded and floating in the Unknown. I feel expansive and at the same time feel so lost, so stuck, I cannot breathe. I am, and I am not.

These moments remind me of liminal spaces. Liminal moments. The moments in-between. The space between the inhale and the exhale, between the exhale and the inhale. The space between a thought, and the next one. The space between dying and being born again. The space between the death of who we thought we were, and the realisation that we are never static, but change itself. The space between who we were, and who we are now.

I am swimming in this liminal void where laugh, or cry, or joy, or suffering, are nothing more but the waters of life overflowing from my heart, into the soul of the world. And the soul of the world sustains ME, change itself, in it’s chaotic order of beingness. In these primordial waters I drown and drown and drown…. and patiently accept the death that liberates another life.