Philosphical poetry

Photo by Maryse Kuypers

Who am I?

The remembrance of a past time
or a time not yet awakened?

The centre of all sound is awareness.

Silence is the void through which Being becomes Time.


I create small poems to remember intuitively philosophical concepts that are “easy” to grasp with the intellectual mind, but hard to digest in the body. The core reason of our practice if done honestly, is the remembrance of oneself, to BE oneself once we do. It is not only the journey of reinviting our wholeness into place from the split of our perception, but also to, once integrated, become who we are in the world. The heroe’s journey doesn’t end in the becoming adventure, but in the being in time-space once we have walked our paths Home.


The previous poem speaks about the idea that one is always in the centre of sound once we hear it and are aware of it. In this centre all sounds are perceived. Who is the perceiver? The centre where sound unites cannot be silence itself, but awareness of silence and sound. What we perceive through our senses, is digested through the body-mind, like sounds, back to the centre. Silence is the space, the void, the medium where all passes. The centre is the Being. Being and void… and in the other side, Time as substance. Here and Now. Shakti is the face of Shiva.


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Here a photo of my “yep, it’s that simple to grasp”! face… 😜😅🤣