Sailing the inner & outer seas

Sailing our catamaran Gem in Greek waters

Sailing the inner & outer seas as a practice of self-awareness is my life now. The stars and the winds guiding my path. Completely surrendering to what is, there is no use for control, even after planning, we need to let go and float away in the unknown. We create these ideas in our minds that we are the makers of our own reality, when reality is all there is, with or without us; change is there, spiraling inwards and outwards, concealing and revealing the mystery of what it is to be and feel alive. To live a life in constant movement and flow, uncomfort and cold nights too, with minimal material objects that normally hide what is under layers of confusion and learning to appreciate with deep gratitude the small pleasures like a hot shower when there is one, I can slowly start to see clearly what Is and always Was, and Who I am, and always will Be; nothing more than a reflection, a ripple of light in the waves of Life. Like the light of the moon that reflects the sun. The bridge between becoming and being….