Me, on sunny day aboard GEM in Preveza Marina

Sometimes, from the outside looking in, it may look like I am following my dream, doing what I “want”, travelling the world, never settling down… Adventure after adventure since I was born….

Some people tell me I am brave for doing so, and it might look like I am flowing in an ever peaceful existence.

The truth is, that isn’t so… I am not brave, I am certainly not always in peace, and I am not really following my “dream”, which (though it may surprise most of you) isn’t travelling and having adventures, but actually settling down near a fireplace and a wall full of books, reading, writing and studying looking out at a beautiful garden. That’s all I ever wanted.

But, I am going where life takes me, where I am meant to be, even if that “place” isn’t what I truly want, or “think” and “feel” I want… If you knew me, if you deeply knew me like I know myself, you would know, that the only real adventure I ever wanted to have was to be free. Free in my mind and heart so I could hear my soul singing. Free from myself first of all. From the “me” I think I am, so I can become, and at last “see”, the “me” I truly am.

On this journey to mySelf, I realise every bridge appears in the perfect moment, just when I was about to give up and jump… Every stone that males up the path appeared when I truly found a way to surrender to life, one step at a time. And that’s why I continue doing things, travelling, living a life that I never thought I would, that I never even dreamed of or thought possible, that I never thought I even wanted to, until the day the river takes me back Home to the great ocean of Being.