The One IS

Light and Shadow… Sun and Moon…

Life lately speaks in great Duality.

Felt in the senses. Breathed in the Soul.

The more I dive into the experiential, the deeper I travel into eternity.

Who would have thought that one who loved the straight line, the limitations of drawers, shelves, boxes, would enjoy the freeflow of Time, of Impermanence, in its up and downward spiral?

Who would really feel the silver taste of the red blood of Life and the black sacredness of Death in every breath?

We are the shining white that we are at last able to perceive because we were so broken that the only thing left to pierce us was light. And we opened our eyes, and our hearts, amd we saw, and received the Unknown.

Life lately speaks in great Duality.

And when I stay quiet and listen She whispers, “it is IN the truly knowing of Two, that the One IS”.