⚜”The world is perfect as it is, including my desire to change it.” Ram Dass.⚜ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

📿 I used to think there was always something wrong with the world, with the people in it, with the way things were managed and worked… 

📿 I couldn’t grasp or rationalise how was it possible for all the ‘bad’ things and ‘disasters’ to happen, even to people who did not ‘deserve’ it… 

📿 Growing up I remember the only thing I ever wanted to do was to ‘change’ the world, ‘change’ someone, ‘change’ the books i was reading, ‘change’ the conversation… Ended up changing places and countries and moving around all the time. 

📿 I just wanted to change everything. 

📿 Why???? Well, it gave me a sense of control being the one DOING the changing instead of waiting and being caught by life’s uncontrollable changes. 

📿 As you can imagine, that way of being couldn’t last long… Well, long enough though as I am almost 30! 

📿 What I mean is that there is NOTHING intrinsically wrong or right with anything. Nothing is either good or bad. It just is. 

📿 I had to accept this. And with the acceptance of non-action as action, I realised that being an observer and a witness of life is also very powerful. 

📿 No need to go around wanting to change things. 

📿 The maximum I strive for is to adapt to life changes the best way I can. 

📿 The magic happened when I understood with my heart what Ram Dass is saying here. The world is perfect as it is in its imperfection and change. And so is my desire and will to make it even a bit better. 

📿 All is valid. 

📿 All, everything that exists, begins with yourself, with your thought process, with your action or non-action, and with your CHOICE, every step of the path. Forever.