Letting Go


Sometimes the only thing we can do is sit down and stay with whatever feelings arrive. Stay. Breathe. Stay. Let go. • Last night we had one of those moments, where nothing could be done for a situation we created ourselves, and there we were, sitting looking at each other and acknowledging one by one that nothing could be done in this moment, only to be and let go! • We breathe, we pass the uncomfort, the anger, the stress, the ‘what ifs’ and we wait patiently for our next move. • We like to call it our Zen moments of surrender amidst chaos. • Learning each day where my patterns take me. Sometimes it is really annoying to fall and fall again in the same ones, even if I am observing them! I feel a great magnetic attraction to falling back into past patterns. This is my constant practice. Not to fall back into the old, but to welcome something new, something that makes me grow and learn more. Every. Single. Day. • Letting go. •••