Ladies' Suit by Remedios Varo
Ladies’ Suit by Remedios Varo

Sometimes in our lives we are faced with different challenges that require us to act in certain forms; or must I say react, if we were still doing so. Later on we look back upon our actions and we might feel guilt, shame, regret… Is that who I am? We might ask ourselves. Or we might think we were stupid, uncontrolled by our emotions, or maybe fears.

But that isn’t who we are, neither it was who we were. We were only acting upon unconscious programming and there is no way back. Therefore, there is no need to feel regret. Oh, it is so easy to write it down! I know, it took me more tan twenty years to accept myself, accept my past reactions, and I am still working on it.

This is where patience and self love come into action. We must first nurture ourselves, our souls; we must empathize with our past beings to be able to accept ourselves and continue our journeys and paths without looking back. And the only way to accept ourselves is to do a continued work of soul healing, of meditating and connecting to our true beings. Only this way we can stop identifying ourselves with our ego, with our actions, with our mistakes, with our personalities; because all that is the illusion of self, it is not who we really are.

Once we integrate this thought into our lives we can start accepting things as they are, without all the false fumes of identity. And only then we can share this experience with another soul, who we will accept completely.

Union and love start with acceptance and respect for whatever the present may bring, for whatever the situation may be.

Acceptance of the present moment; acceptance of our true beings; acceptance of the world, of our interactions with it; acceptance of our bodies, minds and souls. That’s the only secret for true, lasting, real happiness.