Where your heart may take you…

The Siren by John William Waterhouse
The Siren by John William Waterhouse

There is a reason why we feel passion for certain things, people or places. When we are connected to our true desires, we are connected to the guiding voice of the Universe; we are connected to our purpose in this lifetime, in this moment. We then have two options; listen to our guiding intuition, or block it and ignore it in pursue of Ego’s wants and needs. This is true free will, it is always our choice. Each step we take is our own responsibility, no matter how hard we try to blame our circumstances, our past, others… in the end it will all fall back to ourselves.

The question is, are you willing to see and experience where your heart may take you?

When we feel peace and joy doing something that we love, isn’t it already enough to know it is correct? We don’t need the approval of others to know what we want, and to follow our dreams. No one else, ever, will understand what we are guided towards. We all have our parts to play in this big theatre of life, and each one is different. We all have a life purpose to fulfill, unique to each of us, and that’s the reason worth living for. Just being who we truly are, doing what we truly want, without fear; only the assurance that we are walking our personal paths the best way we can.

Once that connection to our heart is made, and the spark starts to burn down the walls we have built around it thinking it was for protection, then we will have a clear vision of the sky of possibilities that surrounds us. There is nowhere to go but within, where the eternal present resides.

Our outer world will be made with the essence of our inner world, it will only reflect what we carry within us. We are co-creators of our own destiny, of our own reality.

One who understands the power of thought, will understand the power of the Universe. Like the seed that carries within itself the whole tree of life, our thoughts are the manifesting force of all that there is, and will ever be.

Are you willing to go where your heart may take you?